About Dr. Mary Wendt, M.D.


r. Mary is an Internal Medicine doctor with 20 years of experience in both the hospital and private practice. She’s the mother of two incredible girls, a published researcher ad national speaker on women’s health and osteoporosis, and author of three books.

Life hasn’t been a straight, simple line for her. Through the years, she’s learned about successfully navigating change, especially the unexpected transitions. Dr. Mary was a teen mom. She got pregnant at 16, and got her braces off when she was 4 months along. She dealt with years of shame and guilt that impacted every major decisions in her life, until she was finally able to find a path to self-forgiveness, leading to control and empowerment.

She knows how it feels to be falsely judged and underestimated based on your circumstances or your physical appearance. She understands how unexpected transitions can be the crisis that brings clarity to your life’s purpose.

With her wisdom combined with her medical knowledge, she’s helped thousands of people feel better, have more energy and also have clarity of purpose by adopting her simple lifestyle changes offered through her Four Steps to Success Program.

Doctors suggested diabetes and cholesterol medications, but that wasn’t the direction Dr. Mary chose to go.

In her 30’s Dr. Mary was surprised with a diagnosis of prediabetes and high cholesterol. Worse than that, she felt exhausted at the end of the workday and struggled to have meaningful interactions with the most important people in her life. Even though she exercised every day and ate a healthful diet, her family history of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression and obesity were sneaking up on her anyway. After all of the hard work as a single mom in medical school, she didn’t have the energy to enjoy the time at the end of the day with her family.

Doctors suggested diabetes and cholesterol medications, but that wasn’t the direction Dr. Mary chose to go. Instead, she researched and studied the patterns in the medical literature, and made some changes to her diet, exercise plan, and supplements. In just 72 hours, her blood sugars returned to normal. In just 3 months, she shaved 70 points off her cholesterol. Instead of feeling tired after a day’s work, she felt ready to go for a bike ride with her girls, or play with chalk in the driveway, or swim in Lake Michigan.

Starting a new lifestyle was relatively easy, but over time, cravings and other challenges threatened to derail her progress. With some additional research as well as thoughtful introspection, these cravings and challenges were squelched and she stuck with her changes for many years. She was onto something.

In just 3 months, she shaved 70 points off her cholesterol.

Recently, she’s put all the great information compiled on her blog, her three books, her published research, half a lifetime of practice and 15 years of national speaking into one program: Dr. Mary’s 90/10 Reset Revolution. In this renewal guide, women who want to make lasting changes to their health and their lives can follow Dr. Mary’s clinically proven 4 Steps to Success supported by her 4 week program, specially crafted shakes and supplements, and over 200 easy, delicious recipes created right in Dr. Mary’s Get Waisted Test Kitchen.

Now Dr. Mary enjoys splitting her time between NYC, Chapel Hill, and Michigan, finding healthy choices easily in her own neighborhood and supermarket, and spending quality time with her family, her grandson, and her friends. In addition to treating disease, she treats the root cause of the disorders in her patients, helping them to reclaim their power and vitality from the deep inside their own bodies and souls by unlocking their own greatest potential and optimum wellness through lifestyle changes and authentic personal assessment.

Her passion is to help each woman reset her own life, taking control of her health back into their own hands. Reset your own life and take back the excellent health and power that’s always been the best part of you.

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